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Sliding on Wire

Sliding on wire awnings are a popular way to add shade to a patio or yard. These attractive awnings may be installed on freestanding frames or attached to an existing trellis or building. Custom Awnings and Canopies offers a variety of styles and fabrics to create the perfect solution for your home or business.

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Slide Wire Cable Awnings

A sliding on wire cable awning is a canopy made of flexible material. The fabric is attached at regular intervals between wires that run parallel along both sides. This kind of retractable awning may be opened as much or as little as needed simply by sliding it along the wires. Sliding-on-wire style awnings come in two basic styles: flat or billowed. The billowed look means the fabric hangs down in a U-shape. With an endless array of fabrics, colors, and options, your awning will be a one-of-a-kind solution that brings shade and distinction to your outdoor space.

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Benefits of Sliding on Wire

Top Quality In-house Fabrication
Placement is key for getting the most use out of an awning. When looking to install sliding on wire awning on your house, it’s important to consider not only location but awning size.
After installation is complete, a new retractable awning is easy to operate. If you have a mechanical retractable awning attached to your house, rolling out the collapsible arms is as simple as pushing a button until the canopy covers your area.
Not only should you retract your awning when it is not being used, it is also important to clean your awning approximately once a month during the spring and summer.
If you want a retractable awning that will last, buy from a top-rated awning supplier that offers on-site installation. Come to us and we can surely help you what you want.
Roll out awnings are made in different sizes to accommodate various areas and needs. How you plan to use your awning and the size of the area are the two main factors to consider.

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We focus exclusively on building high quality custom awnings and canopies with a new generation of beautiful and durable outdoor materials.

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Our use of premium materials means you can rest assured your satisfaction is our priority and we intend to stand behind our products for the long term. THIS IS FROM SUPERIOR AWNING

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