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Custom Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings are lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain. They can accentuate doors, windows, and patios in commercial and residential settings. At Custom Awnings and Canopies, custom metal awnings are available in various colors and styles.

Our architectural team is mobile and ready for deployment as soon as we decide on a project. Our adept creative in-house team of designers, engineers, and architects takes into account your ideas and plans to craft something unique and personalized to match your style.

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Aluminum Awning Prices

A custom aluminum awning is an individualized solution. Therefore, we encourage you toschedule a free consultation so that we may review your project in detail. The team at Custom Awnings will discuss your design ideas, take measurements, and learn your preferred style options.

Aluminum Awnings for Patios and Porches

Aluminum awnings are a popular choice for patios and porches because they are attractive, economical, and easy to maintain.

Because a custom metal awning helps block the sun’s rays, you can enjoy your patio or porch without squinting or discomfort. You may also enjoy energy savings in your home or business.

Let Custom Awnings and Canopies personalize and install your awning. We will be happy to explain the various styles of metal awnings. During your free consultation, we’ll take precise measurements so that we can create an awning to your exact specifications. You’ll enjoy your aluminum awning for years to come.

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Benefits of Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum awnings are available in a wide range of colors and styles, allowing homeowners the flexibility to choose a color and style that will match or complement their home’s exterior.

One of the many features offered by custom metal awnings is that they require little to no maintenance. The only regular maintenance required is spraying them off with a hose to remove any dirt buildup from the surface.
Aluminum awnings do more than add curb appeal to a home. They work to cut down on energy consumption. Awnings around a home absorb some of the heat from the sun, which ultimately keeps a home’s interior cooler.
Any time you make an addition to your home, you want to have the peace of mind that it can stand up to the elements. Aluminum awnings are designed to be weatherproof.
Metal awnings made from aluminum are lightweight, which makes installation easier and faster. We can fix the metal awnings in their home or install awnings by themselves.

Premium Materials

We focus exclusively on building high quality custom awnings and canopies with a new generation of beautiful and durable outdoor materials.

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Our staff of experienced designers, qualified engineers, and skilled craftsmen install a wide range of custom awnings and more. THIS IS FROM SUPERIOR AWNING

Quality Guaranteed

Our use of premium materials means you can rest assured your satisfaction is our priority and we intend to stand behind our products for the long term. THIS IS FROM SUPERIOR AWNING

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