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Restaurant awnings are not only functional, but they’re also a unique marketing tool to pique customer interest and encourage foot traffic.

Commercial restaurant awnings add beauty and shade to your dining establishment with custom awnings,patio canopy, fabric enclosure, or lounge cabana.

For over 30 years, Custom Awnings and Canopies has designed, manufactured, and installed restaurant awnings in Los Angeles and across Southern California. We’re experts in restaurant signage and protection from the sun, rain, and wind. Call us for a custom quote!

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Custom restaurant awnings — Draw More Attention

A restaurant awning or canopy can do so much more than simply cover your building’s entrance or windows. Expand the dining area with outdoor restaurant awnings. Add retractable awnings that adjust with the sunlight. Enclose patio areas with screens to protect customers from the sun, wind, or bugs.

  • Create a memorable first impression that stands out from the rest
  • Increase curb appeal and encourage foot traffic
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Prevent sun glare

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Let’s meet at your restaurant to discuss the design and installation of your awning project. Together, we’ll determine the best product, style, and fabric for you. Customize your awning with your logo, restaurant name, phone number, or marketing message. Just tell us, and we will deliver.

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Benefits of Custom Awnings For Businesses

Traditional text signs are capable of drawing a customer in, but commercial restaurant awnings will make your restaurant noticeably more visible. Awnings allow you to establish recognition of your brand.

Without outdoor restaurant awnings, the sun will shine heavily through your window. When the sun is shining through your restaurant windows, the temperature of the building will increase, forcing you to turn up the air conditioning.

Outdoor dining is appealing to customers on warm days, but sometimes it can become less tempting when the sun feels like it’s beating on their faces while they’re trying to enjoy their meal. Awnings save them from the scorching heat and let them enjoy their meal.

Provide protection to those who are sitting on the patio and for those who are enjoying the view from inside. Custom restaurant awnings block UV rays and reduce glare to make your space more functional during the harshest hours of the day.

Having an outdoor space is great for businesses as it provides customers with a more relaxed atmosphere while also expanding the maximum business capacity and consequently, the potential revenue.With Custom Awnings and Canopies, you need not worry about your outdoor space getting ruined by rain and sun.

Premium Materials

We focus exclusively on building high quality custom awnings and canopies with a new generation of beautiful and durable outdoor materials.

Experienced Team

Our staff of experienced designers, qualified engineers, and skilled craftsmen install a wide range of custom awnings and more. THIS IS FROM SUPERIOR AWNING

Quality Guaranteed

Our use of premium materials means you can rest assured your satisfaction is our priority and we intend to stand behind our products for the long term. THIS IS FROM SUPERIOR AWNING


We know only delicious food does not cut the deal. Whether you want to make your peak business hours comforting or appeal to every gaze, we can make it happen. We create attractive designs using robust materials that ensure customers return for more.

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